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Dr. Daniela Marino

Co-Founder & CEO, CUTISS

Dr Daniela Marino is the Co-Founder and CEO of CUTISS. She studied Biotechnology in Milan (Italy) and during her PhD from ETHZ, she focused her research on vascular biology and stem cells. She then joined a research group at the University of Zurich as post doc and before starting CUTISS, she was the co-leader and business developer for the project denovoSkin™ at the Wyss Zurich. She co-founded CUTISS in 2017, where denovoSkin™ is being developed towards commercialization. Worldwide, millions of people suffer from skin defects requiring surgical interventions to restore skin function. Current standard of care to treat large, deep skin defects is often not available in sufficient quantities, and it frequently leaves these patients with permanent, painful, disfiguring, and debilitating scars. denovoSkin™ is a personalized human skin graft that can be bio-engineered in large quantities. It promises to grow with the patient, limit scarring, and drastically reduce the number of follow up corrective surgeries required, particularly in children. It is currently in the last stage of clinical trials and could be of amazing benefit for patients with burns, traumas, that undergo reconstructive or plastic procedures. CUTISS won the Top 100 Swiss Start-up Award and has raised more than CHF 67 million from private investors, family offices and public bodies. Round C is now open to pave the way towards commercialization.